Travelling is all about making friends, exploring other cultures and of course, enjoying lots of delicious food. Everything is pure, authentic and full of surprise. Just like HANNO. From sunrise to sunset and beyond. So pop in whenever you feel like it for a fantastic breakfast or lunch. Join us for a mouth-watering dinner and discover flavours that prickle and tease your taste buds or simply raise a toast to new adventures with cocktails full of sparkle and joy. Imagine yourself in a different world for a couple of hours but at the same time still feeling completely at home.

Hakuna matata



A dash of something delicious, a few drops of tropical bliss and a decent percentage of taste sensation. Shake it! up! Before you know it, you’re diving, head first, into an unparalleled experience of bliss… of sipping cocktails at sunset? Surely, somewhere in the world it must be past midnight … HANNO is proud of her bar including special wines, beers and soft drinks from all over the world. Discover your new favourites.



Pure, different and truly authentic. Globetrotters love new flavours, appreciate high quality and take their time to sit back and enjoy. So do we! HANNO pulls together local dishes from cuisines all over the world. Backpack and chef’s hat ready? Let’s go. South Africa to Mexico to Peru and then all the way over to Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Satisfying breakfasts, delicious dishes for lunch, special afternoon drinks and seriously unprecedented dining experiences. On the HANNO menu you will find street food perfect for sharing or to keep for yourself. Curious? Try something. We bet you will go:

que gusto

About us

Steep mountain paths, magnificent views and towering mountains. After a long motorcycle trip through Myanmar, we are welcomed with open arms by this wonderful family. In recent years we have frequently packed our suitcases or backpacks and set out to collect tastes, moments, bits and bobs, and friendships, from around the world. And now, together with our fantastic team, we welcome you with open arms to our unlimited collection of the world, stretching far beyond world frontiers: Great Café HANNO.

Hugo & Kim

PS: Every dish, drink, souvenir or piece of furniture in our restaurant has its own story. So keep discovering and try something new…

Book a Table

You may always drop in, last-minute, to enjoy into the late hours. Even better, we keep as many tables free as is possible for spontaneous blow-ins and unannounced visitors. Great eh? Should you simply wish to reserve a table for dinner after 17.30, use the reservation tool in the bottom right corner. But seriously, life is so much more fun without a diary..

Subha yatra!

PS. It is not possible to reserve a table on the terrace. 


Opening hours

sunday – thursday: 10.00- 24:00
friday + saturday: 10.00 – 01.00

015 887 57 80


Cycling or walking whilst enjoying Delft’s fresh air is of course wonderful! Would you like to come to HANNO by car? Then it is easy to park around the corner at the Paardenmarkt. See you soon….